Why Do We Do Things That Destroy Us?

Have you ever wondered what is driving individuals to take such a desperate step as suicide? Failure in one of the areas of everyday life seems so critical for some people that a person simply cannot live in a changed world after some events and decides to commit suicide. Psychologists say that a series of failures leads to suicide, you can start blaming yourself for something, and soon, suicide appears to be the only way out. However, if you have problems, for example, in your personal life, and you don’t have a beloved person, go to https://bridesdating.com/ and you meet the challenge sooner than you think.

However, suicide is not the only way people use to destroy themselves, some actions and deviant behavior destroys personality and leads to voluntary self-destruction.

1. Drug use.

When a person does drugs for the first time, they pursue the goal of getting instant pleasure, relaxing and going into denial. However, over time, you have a drug addiction, which it is very difficult to get rid of, and if you do not take the drug on time, then you have withdrawals, which bring incredible suffering to the body. Such behavior seems destructive because today, every person is aware of how harmful drugs are and what addiction they cause. Similar actions that seem pleasant now but cause enormous harm to the body in the future, are gambling, overeating, smoking, petty theft and so on down the list.

The mind is drugged under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and all receipts, quarrels, and dismissals remain in another world for a while. However, this is the most terrible and destructive self-deception.

2. Chronic tardiness.

Being late constantly, you will irritate the leadership and make colleagues doubt your competence. It is quite possible to lose a good job because of being late all the time. Nonetheless, even realizing this, careless employees who are aware that such actions can lead to dismissal, continue to be late day after day, risking their career and prosperity.

3. Holding onto the past relationship.

Sometimes, this behavior turns into a pursuit rather than into normal communication. This inevitably leads to the breakup of the remaining relationships because few people like to be a victim of persecution. A rejected lover understands perfectly well that such behavior only alienates the ex-partner, but they cannot stop doing that, imposing communication in every possible way, and literally, jumping at shadows of their beloved one.

4. Habit as another path to self-destruction.

Since the scientists studied the problem of insomnia, they have come to an interesting conclusion that many people wake up at night only because they want to see what time it is, and when they find out that, they go to bed again. Over time, interest grows into anxiety, and they begin to worry about how not to be late for work. They can wake up every hour to find out the time. The treatment was quite simple, they were recommended simply to turn the watch to the wall, and these people solved their problem of insomnia in three weeks.

Patients formed a habit of checking time, and it became destructive and caused great harm over time. However, a habit makes life easier. For example, we used to brush our teeth in the morning and in the evening, the same actions became a skill that helps maintain health. Nonetheless, in other cases, the habit can be harmful. For example, an electrician who is not used to wiping his hands can be seriously harmed by it, and the driver who is used to running the light can become a culprit in an accident. Do not develop habits that can harm the health and personality in the long run.