Make Her Happy - Be a Testosterone Machine

This important tool of our body is what involved in a variety of body processes: regulates sexual behavior in both sexes, stimulates the buildup of muscle mass, maintains bone density, affects fat metabolism.

Imbalances in the body can lead to many troubles, including excess weight, decreased sexual desire and even memory impairment. By recognizing the signs of the low hormone, you can take measures to normalize it and solve your or your partner’s health problems. It often happens that the direct cause of the disorder in the relationship is the reduced level of the hormone.

How to Determine Its Level for Indirect Indications

Low sexual desire

Men with the low level of the hormone less want sex because of what they can face problems with erection, less masturbating and not experiencing erotic fantasies

As for women, a decreased desire to have sex and changes in hormone levels are especially noticeable after 50 years old. But therapy rarely gives positive results.

Excessive weight

This hormone is associated with an increased amount of fat in the body of a man.

If it is low, it increases the activity of the lipoprotein lipase enzyme, which determines the concentration of lipids in the blood and their transport to visceral fat - the stores around the internal organs.

In women, either high or low levels of the hormone with reduced estradiol can cause obesity.

Bad mood

If you are upset all the time, have no strength and energy, maybe it's a low level of the hormone in your system.

Scientists have found that the level of this vital component of our body can be reduced in men who are in depression. And although it is still unknown what is the root cause, hormone therapy is quite effective for treating depression, especially in elderly people.

In women, a decrease in the amount of the hormone also leads to a lack of energy, depression, constant fatigue, and a bad mood.

Unwillingness to achieve one's goal after failure

If, after failure, your hands fall, perhaps it's not a matter of character.

From the hormone level depends on the desire of a man to compete after a loss and to achieve his goals after failures. Since this is very important for success in any business, its level can be a decisive factor in achieving success.

How to Increase the Hormone Naturally

Normalization of sleep

The importance of sleep for the health of the human body cannot be minimized. Nevertheless, many continue to neglect sleep in favor of a couple of extra hours a day. However, it is during sleep that the most important processes of synthesis of molecules necessary for a person's normal vital activity occur. This applies to sex hormones as well. If you sleep a little, you will inevitably expect a deficiency of sex hormones.


The second most important factor on which its levels depends is how you eat. Synthesis of hormones is a truly complex process, in which virtually all body systems are involved. From their harmonious work depends on how quickly and qualitatively your body is saturated with all the necessary molecules. Harmonious work of body systems is impossible without adequate nutrition. Every day you must eat the necessary amount of minerals, vitamins, proteins, fat, and carbohydrates. The only good source of them is natural food.

Normalization of weight

Fat and normal hormone levels are absolutely incompatible things. The main problem is that in adipose tissue there is an undesirable process of transformation of the hormone into estrogen - a female sex hormone. If you are a man and you do not want to have an effeminate figure, get rid of excess weight as soon as possible.

If you want to make your girlfriend feel or be successful in online ladies dating, get sure you got enough testosterone for it.