Alternative Medicine and Your Diet

How can alternative medicine and your diet be beneficial? The major fact that practitioners of the alternative medicine industry push is the fact that what you put into your body has an intense effect on your health. Many practitioners will recommend herbs, vitamins and other supplements to assist the average person with occasional complaints, but for people with chronic or serious illnesses a special diet is more often than not recommended.

There are many different diets that are commonly prescribed by alternative medicine practitioners for those patients with regular complaints. Those who complain of fatigue, weight gain, or just general poor health can often benefit from a detoxifying or cleansing diet. Patients with diabetes and acid reflux are often put on specific diets to improve their conditions. For more serious illnesses like cancer, more strict diets are enforced. Many people have had incredible luck beating cancer by using a macrobiotic diet.

So let’s look at the definition of a macrobiotic diet and start with analysing the word macrobiotic. Macrobiotics, from the Greek “macro” (large, long) + “bios” (life), is a lifestyle that incorporates a dietary regimen. The earliest recorded use of the term macrobiotics is found in the writing of Hippocrates, the father of Western Medicine. But the modern day diet and philosophy was developed by a Japanese educator named George Ohsawa, who believed that simplicity was the key to optimal health. A macrobiotic diet consists of low-fat, high-fiber diet of whole grains, vegetables, sea algae, and seeds and is rich in phytoestrogens from soy products. It is much more than a diet though it is a way of life that aims at achieving balance with nature which includes a balance with your own body.

However a word of warning, as with any change to your dietary or exercise regimes it is important to follow a medical professionals advice when trying a diet, so be sure to check with your practitioner before starting any restrictive diet.

Know More About Green Tea and Health

Do you know the facts about green tea and health? How can it benefit you in more than one ways? This article provides complete information on this aspect. But a brief background first.

Nowadays, many companies and individuals promote a healthier and cleaner living. In fact, a majority of individuals use organic products instead of artificial ones. There are a variety of products in the market that claim to be natural. But in reality, these products do not contain any organic ingredients at all.

Like for instance, in losing weight, the market offers a whole bunch of slimming pills or dietary supplements. Some are ineffective while some are synthetic.

Another example is muscle pain and headache. Due to stress in work or school, muscle pain and headache are a prevalent condition among workers or students. Pain relievers are usually the answers to these symptoms. But constant intake of these pain relievers will alter your body’s natural flow.

There is also a variety of remedy that eliminates bad breath or nasty cavities. But none is as effective as what you will learn in this article.

Green Tea and Health Benefits

To be sure that what you are buying produces the effect that you want and does not further damage your body, try using products that contain green tea. The relation between green tea and health is visible since many years now.

For centuries, green tea has long been used by ancient Chinese. They integrate this into their lifestyle. They consume it every day. That is why, it is common to find Chinese people who are more than a hundred years old.

Green tea comes from the leaves of a plant known as Camillia Sinensis. The leaves contain anti-oxidants which are beneficial to the body and safe to consume. In fact, these leaves are processed in different ways. Some are steamed, fermented or dried. The process of steaming is the best as it retains the anti-oxidants that are abundant in the leaves.

This medicinal tea is absolutely safe for the body. In fact, it’s only known side effect is insomnia. And that is because similar to coffee it too contains caffeine. Actually, consuming it is more effective than coffee if you want to stay awake and alert.

However, there are caffeinated and decaffeinated green tea available in the market today. So, you have better options to choose from. And the healthful benefits are not affected if you choose either of the two.

More importantly, studies have shown that green tea prevents the risk of cancer. This is a good news to cancer patients who undergo the painstaking treatments. Although cancer cells are not reduced overnight, a constant intake of this tea will minimize the growth and development of these abnormal cancer cells.

There is so much to talk about green tea and health. With the numerous benefits that can be acquired from it, it would not be wrong to say that this tea is really a miraculous medicinal herb.

So, now that you know the close association of green tea and health, why not you too include green tea supplements in your diet? For more information on how this supplement can help you, visit my website listed below.

Women and Health Journals Explained

There are many important issues when it comes to women health and so whether you are a woman yourself or not it is important that you are keen on these matters.

Using a women and health journal may very well be one of the best things that you ever do for yourself. Regardless of whether you are studying the issue of women health or would just like to learn about it more for your own benefit, using a women and health journal will offer you many advantages.

A women and health journal will be just about the most reliable and informative resources available to you, and one that you should definitely use to your advantage.

You will discover literally 1000s of different options when it comes to a women and health journal, but a few in particular that are going to be worth you checking out, and which will be discussed in detail here.

Women Health Journal

As the name implies, this can be a women health journal that basically provides you with everything. The company publishes a number of different publications, one being the most widely-read biotechnology trade publication worldwide. They were also the primary to publish a medical journal on AIDS, long before the sickness was designated as being a serious threat to world health.

These publications not just contribute significantly towards the literature but in addition they play an active and incredibly important role in the advancement of their respective fields.

If you need to know anything about women and health care this can be a great resource, then one that you should definitely take some time to check out.

Another Options: Journal Watch

Another great option for a women and health journal is Journal Watch. As among the finest known and most reputable health journals in the world, you can feel safe and assured knowing that you are getting your health information from here.

They feature information not only on women general care, but as well general medicine, hospital medicine, pediatrics and adolescent medicine, cardiology, dermatology, emergency medicine, gastroenterology, HIV/AIDS, infectious diseases, neurology, oncology and hematology, and psychiatry, only to name a few.

These are generally just two of many journals that are available, so the best idea is going to be for you to take a moment to check out the different options that are available to you and this way if you are looking for some specific information you will be able to locate just the right journal to do so.